Getting It Right

Not to long ago I thought I had found a real time saver when it came to making half square triangles(HST). I first talked about it on my Glory Bee Garden blog. I was so happy with how quick and easy this technique appeared to be, I wanted to share it! Well, it turns out that it wasn't such a time saver for me when I used it for making my HST's for the September NuBee blocks.

I had decided on making the ribbon quilt block on the Delaware Quilts BOM website. I made one of the four triangle units and everything seemed alright so I cut and pieced the blocks. Before getting ready to package them  up for mailing I went to trim them up with a 12 1/2 inch square Omnigrid ruler only to discover that they were more like 12 by 12 1/2. The edges were stretchy and wavy and while I could stretch the short side to 12 1/2 inches it just went back to 12 inches.  Anyway, I could not send them as they were and remade them again. This time....NOT using the "fabulous time saver technique" and they came out great. I'm not quite sure what went wrong the first time. Had they measured up properly, I still would not have been happy with the results as I didn't care for the stretchy bias edges. I've decided to use the first set of blocks in a quilt for Project Linus.

What is your technique for making half square triangles?

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